Presidents Message

First of all, thank you for taking the time to review our website. The business has come a long way and I have only to thank our very loyal customers and staff who have stuck with us for a long time. As everyone knows, the transportation business is fairly competitive and often the challenge is meeting the needs of every single customer for the right value. The investment I make personally is in the everyday operational issues to make sure each customer receives value for their investment with us. Each and every transaction is monitored and every person is held accountable. With our state of the art Transportation Management System (TMS), we provide full real time booking, tracking and payment visibility for our customers. Our locations in Southern California offer great advantages as we are strategically positioned not too far from the Port of Long Beach and geographically located in between Los Angeles County and Orange County.

My vision for the business is not only growth, but growth without compromising the quality of service we provide today. Each customer service representative, delivery driver and routing specialist endeavours to provide excellence in service.


Guy Dominguez