February 1, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Albert Massol and I have been running operations for Corona Clipper for over 6 years. My main responsibility at Corona is to make sure our customers get prompt, reliable and good products in a timely manner.

Our main line of product is hand tools, used for landscaping, construction and agriculture activities.  Our partnership with Total Transportation is vital to the growth and reliability of our brand. They service us from North of Los Angeles to the San Ysidro border.  The level of service I get from them is second to none. Our product gets picked up and delivered to our customers within 24 hours. Their customer service, attention to detail with my freight, and the service provided by their fleet of trucks and drivers is unique and special for this region. I do business with almost every carrier in California and no one can beat their price per pallet.

I’m very happy with their service. My customers have also created a level of partnership with Total Transportation drivers making it easy by all to create a sense of pride and professionalism. I don’t have damaged products to our customers delivered by them, but if we have an issue with any particular freight or customer it is dealt with swiftly and promptly by the Total team. Our communication at both ends is superb.

I can also get full trucks delivered to one customer in a 24 hour turn around.  Their rates and prices can’t be beat. If you decide to use them for your business rest assured that your customers will be taken care of day in and out.  I have also used them to move from a warehouse to another in the past having a driver at my location for 9 hours in a day with two spot trailers.

I don’t have anything negative to say about Total Transportation, the level of service I get in this area is to be commended.

Albert Massol
Shipping/Production Supervisor

Corona Clipper

Thank you very much for the smooth delivery today to our Cerritos store! The store manager said it was the easiest delivery he has had in 3 ½ years. Thank you for the time and effort in making this go well!

International E-Z Up ,Cerritos, CA

I always have such good luck with Total Transportation drivers. Eduardo is my normal driver and I always request AM delivery and he is always able to accommodate this request, even though I know it is not guaranteed. I have worked with Total for years.

Ted Hill

Shabby Town, USA

Client Driver Appreciation: Eduardo

I just had to send this email to you and let you know what a great job Georgann did for us yesterday regarding all of my Neff / AMS pickups.  It was a crazy day and the way she took over and coordinated all the shipments through the confusion was amazing.  I was out of the office and could not help but Georgann and the Total Trans team really came through for me. Also the follow up from her this morning on the time specific delivery appts without me even asking was incredibly helpful. I have always pushed my business through Total when possible and this really is why.  Thanks so much to all of you for outstanding service and have a wonderful weekend.

Renee Guyer


Client Driver Appreciation: Georgann

Driver was very helpful, he brought in the freight without any hassle. I was very impressed with him. Previous deliveries from other companies will just leave the freight outside and at a pharmacy we do not have time to breakdown the skid. We want to give kudos to the driver.

Fernando Fajardo

Walgreens, Fountain Valley, CA

Client Driver Appreciation: Jay Bonetta

I love your trucking company Total Transportation. Those guys do a great job. I have had FedEx deliver here before and there is no comparison.

Doug Devine

Ulok Corporation in Westlake Village, CA

Client Driver Appreciation: Oscar Godoy

“I have been in the transportation business a long time and I was so impressed by Carlos’ attitude and willingness to go the extra mile.  He went out of his way to help me move some product and I appreciated how he showed that “he really cared”.   It is not every day you see this from a driver so I had to share this with you.  I am sure your company is proud to have a driver like this, as he represents your brand well.

I did ask Carlos to have someone from your company call me so we can see if you can help me with some other shipments I have here in the SoCal area.   If possible, I would also like to request for him to be our driver.”

Erick Mendoza, Warehouse Manager

Sagebrook Home in Commerce


Client Driver Appreciation: Carlos Umana

Your company has some exemplary employees. Brian has helped our company in a sales capacity in so many ways. Not the last of which is in his quick response and availability. About 4 weeks ago we had 3 new customers to put on Total in one afternoon. He was on his way into a meeting. He dropped what he was doing and set up all three in about 5 minutes. It gave us the opportunity to look like heroes to these new clients and to solidify Total as their new local SoCAL carrier. all in all he is just a great guy to deal with and we wanted to let you know as I feel it important to note these things.

Mark Donaldson, President


Brian Raub is Total Transportation’s sales manager…..way to go Brian! Total Transportation is the best SoCAL carrier for all same day and next day deliveries.


Coastal Logistics on Brian Raub! ,CA

Customer states that the driver who delivered was great. Really helpful, nice and was a pleasure to have delivery with. The client also states that this carrier is always great but this driver was the best she had ever had!

Client praises our driver, Carlos U. ,Yew Collection, Los Angeles, CA

A great compliment from a customer to driver Luis Lopez.  The customer, Brenda Helt, left a very nice review on the Total Transportation Facebook page.

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The following is what Brenda wrote: See it live here….LIVE TESTIMONIAL

“Very impressed! The driver who had to deliver my load of shipping boxes in La Mesa today had to haul them up a hill and then up a flight of stairs to my front porch. Some of these were so heavy that I could only manage two at a time just pulling them a few feet to get them inside the front door. There were 20 like that, plus 25 smaller ones. I have a hard time getting Mr. Brown to walk a one pound package up that hill and steps. Thank you Total driver! (Ref #72805557)”

From the team at Total Transportation and Distribution……Great job Luis and thank you for taking such great care of our customers!

Call us for a quote today: 888-510-7200

From a Facebook Fan to Total Transportation and Distribution

I just wanted to send a thank you to you and your team. David and Caesar in dispatch consistently going above and beyond on some short notices I have given them. This is why Total is my only option for local cartage. Keep up the great work and thanks to you and your staff for all you do..

John Baker Advantage LTL Inc

Hema Dey, CEO of Iffel International

An email direct to our Sales Director, Brian Raub….

“Please thank Lisa and Edith and of course yourself for the outstanding service and overall concern for our business. Total Transportation has been an Extremely fast and accurate partner in our new growing business. We have come to trust your companies knowledge of logistics and Your customer service team greatly.”

Direct Floor Distributors ,California

an email to Brian Raub this morning……..

” This is the first time Langham Logistic  has used your company Total Transportation & Distribution and I would like to Thank You for the AWESOME JOB you did for us.  Each shipment was moved with out any problems and the communication between myself and Brian ( Total Transportation) was great.  If I have another shipment that will be moving From CA to CA you will be my first call. Thank You Again and we look forward to becoming Partners with carriers like yourself!”


Langham Logistics ,California

a recent email to Brian Raub, Sales Director, Total Transportation and Distribution…….

“Brian, I just wanted to let you know how amazing your customer service staff is. Booking a load with your team is always easy, and the dispatch does everything possible to give us the earliest/most convenient for us pick time possible, even when we’re calling them 2 hours before closing time. I’ve called as early as 6.00 AM for updates and someone always answers the phone with a cheerful voice.It’s always a joy to call over there whenever I have a question or need help with an update”


Transportation Solutions Group ,Ontario, California

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