Total Transportation and Distribution’s success stems from the people, the team. The culture of going the extra mile, creating solutions and making it happen for our customers is something we pride ourselves on. Every request is nurtured with care, so that the details are not missed. Each delivery is tracked, so we know what our performance is on an hourly basis. Any issues with customers are dealt with instantly. Our focus is making sure the job gets done, on time every time.

The management team is made up of:

Ruben Dominguez, CEO

In 1989 Ruben started a small trucking company which has grown and today is known as Total Transportation & Distribution, Inc. Ruben started driving trucks when he was just 21 years old. Working for G.I. Trucking, Ruben had the vision that he could provide excellent customer service and could start his own company providing LTL and TL services. He started with just 1 truck, 1 van and 1 employee. He would make deliveries and pick-ups all day, coming back into the yard in the afternoon, go out on sales calls and then working until late hours of the night doing paperwork and routing for the next day. The business has been very successful over the years and has continued to grow and gain market share in the transportation industry. Today, Total Transportation & Distribution, Inc., is a multi-million dollar a year business and Ruben is now semi-retired and enjoying watching his son Guy take the company to the next level.

Guy Dominguez, President

In 1996 Guy joined the family business and is currently the President of Total Transportation & Distribution.  In 2001 Guy opened Westset Logistics, a preferred 3PL by both Domestic and International businesses. Prior to joining the family business, Guy worked at Arrowhead Water as a Route Driver.  Being a Route Driver included much more than delivering water.  You managed your route, from sales to billing, applying discounts, and balancing your accounts at the end of each day to represent the volume sold, accounts receivables, as well as equipment maintenance.  In addition to valuable work ethics and tools that Guy brought over to Total and Westset he also continued the family tradition of providing excellent customer service.  Guy continues to ensure the family business is operating under these same edicts. The business has been very successful over the years and has continued to grow and gain market share in the transportation industry.  The company currently employs close to 100 people and has over 250,000 square feet of warehousing facilities in La Mirada, and the Inland Empire, with over 90 trucks, including 18 wheel tractors, trailers and bobtails.

Tammy Stagner, Vice President of Operations & Organizational Development

With over 25 years of Human Resources experience, Tammy Stagner joined the company in 2013 as the Director of Human Resources. Tammy began her career in Human Resources in Tennessee and in 1982 relocated to Southern California to join Burger King Corporation as the Human Resources Manager for the West Coast Regional office.  After 10 years with Burger King, Tammy moved into the franchise world, joining owners Larry and Ralph Cimmarusti at Bari Management, Inc. as the Director of Human Resources.  Tammy was responsible for all aspects of Human Resources for over 3,000 employees in 5 states. After 17 years with the Cimmarusti brothers, Tammy made a transition into the Transportation industry, joining Total Transportation & Distribution, Inc.

In December of 2015 Tammy was promoted to Vice President of Operations and Organizational Development. In this position, she is responsible for a variety of job duties, all with a goal of positively impacting the organization’s bottom line.  She continues to manage the Human Resources function as well as work closely with the President in planning, directing and coordinating operations in support of the company’s growth.  She formulates policies and strategic plans for future growth and works closely with department heads to improve operational efficiency.

Carlos Guzman, Operations Manager

Ruben Dominguez offered Carlos a position with the company after Carlos had been a tutor for the Dominguez children. Carlos originally started in 2008 in a part-time clerical and administrative support position.  Over the next couple of years, Guy Dominguez started working with and depending on Carlos’ problem solving and mathematical abilities, eventually moving him into a full-time Logistics Management Analyst position. Today, Carlos is the Operations Manager.  Operational efficiency is essential for growth, stability and profitability.  Carlos works with and assists Department Heads with improving the operational systems, processes and policies in support of the organizations values.  He helps find ways to improve workflow, reduce bottlenecks and ensures things run smoothly, contributing to short and long-term organizational planning and strategy.

Laurie Salazar, Controller

Little did Laurie know when she started helping her uncle Ruben in his trucking company that her career with Total Transportation was just beginning.  She was fresh out of high school and thought she could earn a little money by helping to type freight bills and handle the account invoicing. That was in 1989 and Laurie is still with the company today.  She grew along with the company, taking on additional responsibilities, managing all of the financial aspects of the business, running the office, and handling Human Resources. Today she is the Controller, still managing the finances and keeping everyone on task to keep the company financially solvent.  Laurie has seen the company grow from a small trucking company to a multi-million dollar a year business and has enjoyed seeing the progress and evolution of the company into the successful company it is today.

Jose Garcia,  Manager of Business Development

When Jose was barely 17 years old, he met Ruben Dominguez and started working for him as a Warehouse employee.  Jose progressed to the position of Warehouse Manager in the Transportation division.  Jose eventually earned his Class A Drivers License and became one of the best drivers making up to 30 deliveries in one day.     After driving for approximately five years, Jose was moved into the Dispatch department.  In this role, Jose played an integral part in making sure the trucks were loaded and routed in the most efficient and time effective manner.  After demonstrating his skills in handling the Dispatch department, Jose was promoted to the position of Transportation Manager.  In this role, Jose was responsible for the overall Transportation division, including all of the drivers, safety, dispatch, and customer service. Today Jose is the Manager of Business Development.  With his strengths in problem solving and his knowledge of the industry, Jose is working closely with the President of the company, Guy Dominguez.  In this position Jose is involved in long-term planning, managing and growing sales as well as monitoring the competition and market share.

Robert Ortega, Vehicle Maintenance/Safety Supervisor

In January, 2014 Robert Ortega joined the Company in the position of Vehicle Maintenance/Safety Supervisor. Robert has over 15 years experience with his last position that of Southern Fleet Supervisor for a local and out-of-state carrier.  In this position, Robert planned, organized, and directed the transportation activities of three locations with responsibility for productivity, efficiency, and customer service.

Derek Franco, Transportation Manager – Rancho Cucamonga

Derek began his career in the Transportation industry working for UPS for over 10 years and held the position of Hub Supervisor. The President of Total Transportation & Distribution, Guy Dominguez, contacted Derek regarding a position as a Warehouse Supervisor for Helman Worldwide Logistics.  With the recommendation from Guy, Derek made the job change and worked at Helman for approximately three years.   He then switched over to Coastline Logistics as a Warehouse Supervisor before finally beginning his career with Total Transportation & Distribution in 2005. In the position of Dispatch Supervisor Derek is in daily contact with customers and drivers and is responsible for supervising up to 5 Dispatch employees.

Jorge Villagran – Dispatch Supervisor – Mid-Shift – Rancho Cucamonga

Jorge has been with the company since April of 2014. In November, 2014 he was promoted to Lead Dispatch for the second shift and on August 1, 2015 he was promoted to Evening Shift Dispatch Supervisor. Jorge continues to take initiative, use his problem solving skills and take on additional responsibilities. He has an exceptional work ethic and has proven to be an integral part of the second shift dispatch team. He is in daily contact with customers and drivers and is responsible for supervising up to 5 Dispatch employees on the second shift.

David Revolorio, Client Relations Manager

David began his career with Total Transportation in 2005 in the Customer Service Department.  In this position David was in daily contact with customers and drivers.  He also worked closely with the Controller in aspects including Driver Pay, Billing and Accounts Receivable. Throughout the years David has been promoted and was recently the Transportation Manager overseeing the Dispatch and Driver departments. Today David is the Client Relations Manager overseeing both the Transportation and Warehouse Customer Service departments.  With David’s experience within the company he is a great fit for this position and will assist the company in growing the Warehouse Division as well as spearheading additional growth for the Transportation Division.

Robert Wayne, IT Manager

Robert first began his career in the import/export industry with Hellman Worldwide Logistics.  After five years in operations with Hellman, and because of his operational expertise, he was moved into the IT function. He began his IT career with Total Transportation in 2004 with one of his first initiatives being to automate operations within the company.  Automating freight bill entry was an undertaking which resulted in 500 freight bills no longer needing to be typed, saving time and resources. Robert has seen the company grow from 6 users to over 62 users today and it continues to grow.  He has been an integral part in the technological transformation of Total Transportation from an obsolete platform to modern, cutting-edge platform.

Brian Raub, Sales Account Manager

In June of 2013 Brian joined the company in the position of Sales Account Manager.  He has several years of experience most recently with Managed Mobile, Inc., in Orange, CA.   We feel he will be a positive addition to the staff and will help us in achieving long-term sustainability and growth.

Aide Chaidez-Sanano, Sales Account Manager

In June of 2015, Aide joined the company in the position of Sales Account Manager. She has over 15 years of proven sales results, most recently with Priority 1 in Corona, CA. She is an energetic sales professional with experience in marketing, customer services, account management and business development. We feel with her can-do attitude and skill set she will be an asset to the team and will add value to the company as well as assist us in our growth plans.

Luis Serrano, Warehouse Manager

At the age of 19, and as his first job, Luis joined Total Transportation & Distribution as a General Warehouse employee. Through the years Luis grew along with the company and progressed through various positions within the warehouse division. Luis built a strong and capable team in the warehouse to handle such accounts as the unknown beverage company now known as Red Bull. In less than two years, Luis and his team went from handling approximately 300,000 cans of Red Bull per week to 4,800,000 cans per week. This was in addition to all of the other accounts and any promotional items for any of the accounts. Luis now manages the Warehouse Division and has seen the company grow from a warehouse space of approximately 18,000 sq ft and two warehouse employees, to today the company has over 250,000 sq. ft of warehousing in two facilities with over 50 warehouse employees.

Frank Guzman, Assistant Warehouse Manager – La Mirada

In 2008 Frank was working for Home Depot when his brother Carlos mentioned a great opportunity to work in the Warehouse at Westset Logistics, the sister company to Total Transportation.  Frank interviewed with Luis Serrano and was offered a position as a Warehouse employee.  Frank proceeded to learn all aspects of the Warehouse and Shipping tasks and proved himself quite capable in handling and taking on additional responsibilities.  Frank was the originator of transitioning the Warehouse and Shipping offices from a manual system to a state-of-the-art RF wireless system.  This led to improving our inventory accuracy to 100% consistently and improved productivity and efficiency. Today Frank is the Inventory Control Manager in the La Mirada facility and is responsible for all of the inventory, tracking performance and accuracy and finding new ways to capture this information for the Warehouse KPI’s.

Eduardo Galindo, Assistant Warehouse Manager – Rancho Cucamonga

Eduardo started with the company in 2006 as a Yard Goat Operator, moving empty trailers in the yard to make room for the arrival of the full trailers. After Eduardo had demonstrated his initiative and leadership abilities, he was promoted to a Floor Lead over the third shift overseeing approximately 10 warehouse employees.  A couple of years later he was then promoted to the position of Supervisor. Over the years Eduardo has worked in many of the locations the company occupied including Carson, Irvine, and Ontario.  In 2008 the company relocated their facilities to Mira Loma. Today Eduardo is the Warehouse Supervisor in Mira Loma and is responsible for the management and scheduling of approximately 30 employees working over three shifts.

Henry Valdez, Warehouse Supervisor – Rancho Cucamonga

Henry has been with the company since July 2013. He began in the La Mirada Warehouse as a Warehouse Loader and in March, 2015 was promoted to a Warehouse Lead for the Mira Loma facility. Henry has several years of experience in a warehouse environment and has proven he can learn quickly, communicate effectively and use his skills to coordinate and improve the flow of the operations on the second shift. Starting August 1, 2015 Henry is being promoted to the Warehouse Supervisor for the second shift in Mira Loma. He will be supervising the second shift staff and will coordinate their activities to enhance productivity and ensure a smooth operation.

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